You Need a Body Scan

If you have been injured, chances are that the doctor is going to need to see inside of you. Sometimes an X-ray does not tell the doctor all that they need to see and they need to order a more specific scan to get you to a point they can tell all that is going on. You will need an MRI scan and that is a fact. With that, you will simply have to lay there and endure the process.

open MRI


The original MRI scan was done in a very enclosed space and this sometimes left people feeling panicked and closed in. That was not so good for people with claustrophobia at all. People had to be sedated to do the scan and it was not all that comfortable but now there is a better solution.

Now there is the open MRI and it will set you up to be in a comfortable position in an open space for the same quality of a scan. Doctors will be able to see what is going on and you do not have to freak out in the process. You have nothing to worry about.

Scan Quality

Rest easy knowing that the open version of the MRI has just as good of an image quality as the original MRI does. It is just a matter of doing it in an open space. You must continue to remain still for the scan but that should be easier considering the fact that you are not cooped up in a small space.

Getting Diagnosed

This scan is very important so you can be properly diagnosed. An MRI sees soft tissue damages and such without using x-rays. It gives a much more detailed image of what is going on inside. With these images, the doctor can give you an accurate diagnosis.